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Digital Marketing Agency and IT Solutions in Madrid

We are a Digital Marketing and IT Solutions agency based in Madrid, although our clients come from all over the world.

We are characterized by direct contact with the client at all times, as well as by quality of our services. We have experienced professionals in the sector and we are at the both of what novelty that reaches the market always bringing you the latest

Our projects are working in many businesses in different countries so what we know how the market works in different places.

We do not limit ourselves to any country, we carry the following languages:

  • Español
  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Italiano
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SEO agency in Madrid

We love SEO! Positioning your business is essential if you want to look in search engines. Remember an online business is the same as a physical business if you look at it from a market point of view, e.g .: A store of greater visibility to the client always sells more, because the same happens on-line.

Our experience and our differential value make us unique. We constantly test all SEO actions in search of the best strategy, so we know what data search engines need from your business so that you stand out above the rest.

Our goal is that your business comes out in the first results, for what we exhaustively analyze the competition to achieve so your business excel.

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SEM Agency in Madrid

Nowadays, if you want to compete in the online market, you must attack all channels. Most of the businesses, above all those who have opposing machismo, know that not only with organic positioning (SEO) they can excel, this is where SEM comes into play.

¿Hay que tener mucho dinero para hacer SEM?

You don't have to be a millionaire for Google Ads. You will get what you pay for more the relevance of your content. This means that if your budget is € 50 per month you will achieve the scope of this budget.

Of course, although it seems that you can do SEM yourself, it is not an easy task, because if you do not bid on the correct words or the ad is not relevant to the landing page among many other things, your budget will simply not get results for what it will be. wasted.

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Social Media Management

We have extensive experience in social networks, our clients support us. We carry all kinds of businesses, from hospitality, IT, health, shops, etc.

We find that ideal target audience for your business, and we carry out a constant analysis of the competition, as well as the advances and trends in the networks.

We know how to deal with social media haters and how to keep your brand looking good.

We carry out all kinds of campaigns and advertisements to rank more if your business does so. Our strengths are Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

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IT solutions in Madrid

Just show us your project, and leave it in our hands. Together with us you will see step by step as it takes shape.

At GUP we know how important it is to you, that's why we put all our effort at it. Our strength is Web Applications, Mobile Applications and Desktop Applications. We design your WEB or App, we show you the screens of so that you decide all the time how it will look. We will give you all the advice what you need to further improve your project thanks to our experience in the sector.

Technologies and Programming Languages

Webs: Laravel, Symfony, Vue, React, Angular, Node JS ... Mobile App: Flutter, React Native, Java… Desktop: C #

Advice and personalized treatment

Each idea or project is unique that is why we are pleased to have a personalized treatment with the client in every moment. Tell us everything so that we can advise you better, what is your Targeting or how far you want arrive with your project.

Distribution through Digital Marketing channels

Once your product is finished working and tested, the most important thing is its distribution. For it our Digital Marketing services is the best option. You will achieve the presence you need in the networks, you product will reach more people and therefore you will be able to increase your sales